• Vitamin D3, sunshine vitamin
    May 20, 2022 Vitamin D3, sunshine vitamin
    Vitamin D3 is an important substance required by the human body, and its main physiological functions are as follows. 1. to improve the absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the body and to saturate plasma calcium and plasma phosphorus levels 2. promoting growth and bone calcification and sound teeth 3. increasing phosphorus absorption through the intestinal wall and increasing phosphorus reabsorption through the renal tubules. 4. maintaining normal levels of citrate in the blood 5. preventing the loss of amino acids through the kidneys.   Vitamin D is a class of fat-soluble vitamins that are steroidal compounds, known for their important role in maintaining bone health.   Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), collectively known as calcitriol, are the two most prominent vitamin D's that are closely associated with human health.   Vitamin D2 is produced by ultraviolet light exposure to ergosterol in plants, but it is scarce in nature and cannot be synthesized by the body.   Although vitamin D3 can be obtained from the diet, the types of foods that provide vitamin D are few and low and unstable. Therefore, most of the vitamin D required by the human body (80% to 90% or more) has to be synthesized through exposure of human skin to ultraviolet light from sunlight.   The ultraviolet rays of sunlight with wavelengths of 290~315nm penetrate human skin, and the 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin is activated by the double bond after ultraviolet radiation and transformed into vitamin D3 precursors, which need to undergo two kinds of hydroxylation in the human body to activate and thus exert biological effects, so people call vitamin D3 as ''sunshine vitamin''.   The main function of vitamin D is to work synergistically with parathyroid hormone and calcitonin to balance the levels of calcium ions and phosphorus in the blood to maintain strong and healthy bones and muscles. We are familiar with rickets, chondromalacia, osteoporosis and other systemic chronic diseases characterized by skeletal lesions, which in many cases are caused by insufficient intake of vitamin D in the body, resulting in disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism.   In addition to the well-known bones, kidneys and intestines, vitamin D receptors (VDR) are also widely distributed in the blood lymphatic system (e.g. T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, etc.), the genitourinary system (e.g. breast, prostate, ovaries, etc.), as well as in the nervous system, parathyroid glands and other tissues and cells in the human body, and they control 3% of the entire human genome and about 200 species of human gene network. Therefore, the effects of vitamin D deficiency are not only limited to the skeletal and muscular systems, but are also associated with autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson's disease in the elderly, obesity, malignancies, and other conditions.   In most industrialized countries, vitamin D deficiency sym...
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  • The healthiest light——natural light
    May 13, 2022 The healthiest light——natural light
    Under the sun, everything grows.   Our ancestors did not yet understand the mysteries of the sun, but they observed the nurturing and sheltering power of this luminous celestial body in their daily lives with the sun.   The eye of Ra, the supreme god of ancient Egypt, and later the right eye of the Eye of Horus, symbolized the sun in its fullness and integrity, which was the totem of the ancient Egyptians and was used to ward off evil and cure disease.   Egyptian wall paintings and statues in the Amarna style also record the "naturalistic'' lifestyle of the pharaoh Akhenaten and his queen Nefertiti, who believed that the sun's rays gave strength to life and brought spiritual and physical perfection. The ancient Egyptians were keen on skinny dipping and sunbathing to expose their bodies to more sunlight.   Indian Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world. The Vedas record the ancient Indian ritual of paying homage to the sun god at sunrise for vitality and health, which is the origin of the most classic yoga asana, the bhajana, passed down from ancient India to this day.   Mankind's use of sunlight to heal and strengthen the body began millennia ago. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said that "the best physicians on earth are sunlight, air and exercise", and after he learned about the healing power of sunlight during his travels in Egypt, he began to use sunlight therapy extensively in the treatment of many diseases and built solariums for the treatment of skin diseases.   In the late 19th century, people gradually began to explore the health-promoting effects of natural light through life science research methods. The Swiss Arnold Rikli, known as the "sun doctor," was a pioneer in modern day heliotherapy when he developed the theory and practice of sunbathing to treat chronic diseases and dysfunctions of the body.   In 1877, Arthur Downes and Thomas Blunt in England conducted a series of test tube experiments to investigate the effect of sunlight on the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, they discovered the killing power of direct sunlight on bacteria, and concluded that the blue-violet region of the solar spectrum could have a bactericidal effect.   In early 20th century Europe, sunlight was heavily promoted as a new and progressive approach to medicine. More and more scientific practice proved that natural light plays an extremely important role and influence on human life and health.   The transformative development and integration of modern physics, biology, medicine, optics and other disciplines have opened up a broader space for the exploration and utilization of the healing effects of natural light.   From spectral composition, photothermal effect, photosynthesis, animal vision and other photochemical reactions, people have gained a deeper and more systematic understanding of natural light.   From participating in vitamin D synthesis, regulating biological rhythms, inf...
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  • Porch Lighting Design
    Dec 16, 2021 Porch Lighting Design
    Porch Lighting Design   The porch is the "first impression" of the home space, so its importance is self-evident. The first healthy light of the entrance can ease the contrast between indoor and outdoor light and darkness, so that the eyes can get a good relaxation and let the night people feel the warmth of "home".   Light design principle: no glare, reasonable brightness contrast, and increase the emergency module, in case of power failure or special circumstances, in the dark environment to humanely light a light, to bring a sense of security for the owner.   Suggestions for installation of lighting in the entrance hall. downlights, spotlights or ceiling lights can be installed. If there is a decorative cabinet in the entrance, spotlights can be installed in or above the cabinet. Linear lamps can be added at the bottom of the foyer storage cabinet. When there is a mirror in the entrance hall, you can add mirror front lighting.
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  • Bathroom lighting design
    Dec 16, 2021 Bathroom lighting design
    Bathroom lighting design   This is a private space, but also a place to relax and unwind. Although the space is not used for a long time every day, the lighting design should not be careless, just a little thought and a few lights can make the time alone relaxing.     Lighting design principle: reasonable lighting layout can avoid the unsafe factors caused by glare or shadow. Comfortable and soft lighting to create a relaxing bathing atmosphere. Special lighting panel, can well eliminate the blurred feeling produced by water vapor, does not affect the normal lighting function at the same time, but also to create a pleasant sensory atmosphere   Bathroom lighting installation recommendations. Due to the high humidity in the room, the lighting should be moisture-proof, preferably made of plastic or glass, and the shade should be sealed, giving priority to a light source that lights up at the touch of a button. The lighting design of the sink is more diverse, but the main focus is to highlight the functionality. Set up a light strip or spotlight above and around the mirror on both sides to facilitate grooming and shaving, and avoid using overhead lights to cause shadows on the face. Reading lights can be added to the top of the toilet (considering that some people have the habit of reading when using the toilet). The lighting in the shower area can be ceiling lights as the main light and spotlights as auxiliary lights, or multiple spotlights can be used directly from different angles to bring a rich sense of hierarchy to the bathroom.
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  • Kitchen lighting design
    Dec 16, 2021 Kitchen lighting design
    Kitchen lighting design   The kitchen is a space for cooking food, storing kitchenware and major appliances, integrating multiple functions such as hygiene and safety. Careful lighting design can focus on the smallest details and bring intimate care for the family's diet and health.                   Lighting design principle: the right layout of light source can not only avoid the unsafe factors caused by glare or shadow, but also adjust the mood of the cook, making the food more delicious; the choice of special lighting panels, anti-smoke and water vapor, does not affect the normal lighting function.   Kitchen lighting installation recommendations. Above the operating table or at the bottom of hanging cabinets can increase local lighting to avoid dark areas, attention should be paid to enhance the shading structure to avoid glare from direct vision. Kitchen lighting installation position to avoid conflict with people and objects and light source blocking situation. In open kitchens, linear lamps can be installed against the wall and less than the top of the hanging cabinets.    
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  • Dining room lighting design
    Dec 13, 2021 Dining room lighting design
    Dining room lighting design   The dining room is the closest space for a family, cooking the memory of a warm life and the taste of "home" only. No matter where you go, there is nothing more important than this love in your heart. In this world, only food and love can not be disappointed ......                                     Lighting design principle: to meet the dining function, so that the environment looks healthy and bright, the use of the meal, food, tableware and other furnishings to get the best perception of the presentation, while providing lighting for the activity area around the table and restaurant space, to create a happy atmosphere when dining.   The installation of lighting in the dining room is recommended. Downlights, spotlights or chandeliers with soft light and no glare can be used on the dining table. If the dining room has display cabinets, decorations, murals, etc., auxiliary lighting can be added, but the brightness should not be higher than the dining table.
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  • Children's room lighting design
    Dec 09, 2021 Children's room lighting design
    Children's room lighting design   Young children, who are in the stage of physical and mental growth, giving them more care and attention is the common expectation of the family.   Careful lighting design, can create a healthy light environment, not only help vision health, but also regulate the child's physiological rhythm and emotions, so as to improve some of their bad habits, improve the efficiency of life and learning. For the healthy growth of children to bring "light love" and thoughtfulness.                                             Lighting design principle: according to the characteristics of children's vision development, the quality of light to put forward higher requirements. The combination of static and dynamic, light and darkness, close to the natural light like soft, not hurt the eyes, while avoiding strobe, blue light and other hazards.    Children's room lighting installation recommendations. Basic lighting should ensure sufficient brightness of the space as a whole and reduce dark areas. In addition to basic lighting, bedside reading lamps and desk lamps can be added. It is advisable to install bedside induction night light to provide night lighting. To ensure the safety of young children, mobile lamps should be used as little as possible.  
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  • Senior citizen's Room lighting design
    Nov 16, 2021 Senior citizen's Room lighting design
    Senior citizen's Room lighting design   Aging parents need more love and care from their children, and the integration of some thoughtful and humane design in home life can make their later life more comfortable and secure.   Careful lighting design can focus on the details, both to meet the daily lighting needs of the elderly, soothing emotions (to inhibit emotional illness), but also at night for them to sleep or get up to create a comfortable experience for parents to bring "light love" and thoughtfulness.                                     Lighting design principle: according to the visual characteristics of the elderly (sensitivity to light is reduced), the light illumination, color temperature should be increased accordingly to protect the daily needs of the elderly home; in addition, it is also necessary to design the night induction lighting mode to ensure the safety of the elderly action, to assist the elderly to sleep again.    Elderly room lighting installation recommendations. Basic lighting should ensure the overall sufficient brightness of the space and reduce dark areas. In addition to the basic lighting, bedside lamps can be added. It is advisable to install bedside sensor night light to provide night lighting. The illumination level of the elderly room should be no less than twice that of the adult bedroom, and reduce the use of downlights and spotlights.
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  • Bedroom lighting design
    Nov 16, 2021 Bedroom lighting design
    Bedroom lighting design   Deliver your truest self to this warm space and exchange your heart with your loved ones. Life, it should be this fine ......                                     Lighting design principle: comfortable, soft lighting, open the reverie of night life, release the tension of the day, to create a cozy, peaceful sleep environment. In the lighting design, should avoid any strong, irritating light, in order to harmonious, gentle, rich in change as the principle, intended to add interest in life, help physical and mental health.   Master bedroom lighting installation recommendations. Bedroom is the master rest space, the need for ambient light brightness need not be too high, should choose glare less deep cover type, translucent type lamps and lanterns, the use of lamps to illuminate the wall behind the bed, set up a chandelier or wall lamp on each side of the bed (using chandeliers and wall lamps will not occupy the area of the bedside table, of course, can also be replaced with their favorite table lamps). Lighting to orange, yellowish and other neutral colors or warm colors is appropriate to help create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. In addition to choosing the main light, you can also configure table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, etc., to play a role in local lighting and decorative beautification of the small environment.     
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  • Study room lighting design
    Nov 16, 2021 Study room lighting design
    Study room lighting design   Just the right background lighting design can let people focus on thinking and creating, with an eye protection lamp, with comfortable light and the outside world temporarily isolated, to create their own thinking space. Taste a cup of fragrant tea and read a novel in your spare time, time slows down without realizing it ......                                       Lighting design principles: study lighting should not only take into account the brightness needs of the display during the use of electronic products, but also knot the surrounding ambient light, but also to take into account the needs of reading and writing and other lighting, a reasonable design to avoid glare and other factors.   Study lighting installation recommendations. Desk lamps, floor lamps or spotlights above the desk can be added Light fixtures can be installed inside or on top of shelves to illuminate the vertical surface of books and displays Indirect lighting can be installed around the ceiling or above the bookcase storage
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  • Living room lighting design
    Nov 16, 2021 Living room lighting design
    Living room lighting design   The living room is the most important part of the home space. Romantic two-person world, warm three-person time, harmonious three generations together, the living room carries the intersection of the whole family common life, each family member can have their own world, its heat melting.                                           Lighting design principle: according to the decoration style and living activity line, to create a wide, soft, quiet space with light, to create a comfortable, friendly living atmosphere and a sense of "home" warmth.   Living room lighting installation suggestions. TV wall area with soft and even indirect lighting, such as light strips, diffuse table lamps, anti-glare and low power downlights. Decorative hanging paintings or pendulums, adjustable angle spotlights can be used to provide accent lighting. The light in the sofa area should not be too strong, and floor lamps can be added by the sofa. ceiling tops or murals in living rooms with high ceilings can add decorative lighting. Living room with partial hollow should pay attention to the structural shading of indirect lighting fixtures.  
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