• How Light Helps Sleep Mar 04 , 2022
    Light is the primary control of our circadian cycle, affecting everything from body temperature to metabolism to sleep. Without it, our bodies would operate in a pattern determined by our genes (called tau).   Your tau may not exactly match the 24-day-night cycle that governs how our society works, and day-to-day differences may increase over time. Humans also have a natural tendency to decid...
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  • How to use wake up light? Feb 25 , 2022
    First, make sure you get enough sleep. For adults, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends seven hours or more per night. Additionally, Phyllis Zee recommends using a clock to enhance the natural cycle of light and dark. Unless you're a shift worker, you should avoid using these clocks to simulate dawn, which is naturally dark. Doing this regularly can backfire because now you're...
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  • When is the wake up light useful? Feb 25 , 2022
    "Anyone could benefit from having to wake up at a set time in the morning," Neubauer said. "Ideally, you'll sleep until you wake up naturally and get the sleep your body needs, but many people who work and go to school will find it challenging to wake up as early as possible on most days." Experts say an alarm clock that simulates the sun can be especially useful during the dark winter months, whe...
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  • What is the scientific principle of wake up lights? Feb 18 , 2022
    What is the scientific principle?   Although there is not yet extensive data to study the impact of specific devices on the market, it is clearly meaningful from our understanding of circadian physiology, Professor Neubauer said. Not only does exposure to morning light have an alerting effect, it also helps reset the circadian rhythm, keeping humans biologically in sync with the 24-hour day-n...
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  • What is a wake up light? Feb 18 , 2022
    What is a wake-up light?   Phyllis Zee, director of sleep medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, noted that wake-up lights, also known as dawn simulators, are currently a "growing trend." While the concept of using artificial light to mimic sunlight isn't new, Zee and other experts say wake-up lights have become more mainstream in recent years -- and there's science ...
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  • The Perfect Sunrise Alarm Clock to Wake You up Easy Nov 16 , 2021
    Traditional alarm clocks use sounds to wake you from sleep, but this can be too harsh for some people. Wake lights have become an increasingly popular alternative in recent years. Rather than relying solely on sound, the wake-up light simulates a sunrise by slowly getting brighter over a period of time. By doing this, they are able to wake you up more slowly than a traditional alarm clock. The dur...
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